Homespec was founded in 2011 and since has grown to become a leading professional property inventory provider throughout London, accredited by both the APIP (Association of Professional Inventory Providers) an AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Providers)

Inventory Make

An inventory report is a complete schedule & condition of the property including fixtures, fittings and contents. Each room is systematically recorded to insure nothing is over looked & whatever visible to the naked eye is captured from detailed furnishings to their defects. To support descriptions and conditional comments of items, high resolution photographs are taken and incorporated into the report to provide and extra level of assurance. Our reports are completed and sent out within 2 working days via email in PDF format.


Updating an inventory report with a check-in report creates a report specific to each tenancy start date. As well as cross referencing the original inventory report to update fixtures, fittings and furnishings along with their current condition, meter readings will also be recorded and a photograph taken for guarantee. Tenants will also be asked to sign for keys received by the Agent/Landlord which will be incorporated into the report along with photographic evidence. Our reports are completed and sent out within 2 working days via email in PDF format.


A Check-out report is significant to insure when a tenant reaches the end of a tenancy the correct deductions are made from the deposit, if any required. The check-out report compares conditions and notable changes from the original inventory and check-in reports which were carried out at the start of a tenancy. Along with comparing the keys received to the keys given, a final meter read is also taken. We will also assign liabilities to each noted comment within the check-out report to identify weather it is the tenants or agent/landlords responsibility. Our reports are completed and sent out within 2 working days via email in PDF format.

Why choose us?

Fast Turnaround

In most cases we have a turnaround time within 24 hours however we guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time through Monday – Friday ensuring your reports are back with you ready for your landlords & tenants.

Easy to use

With our bespoke client login area it makes life easier for the end user. When logged in you can navigate easily through all your properties and download photos, reports and even invoices if need be.

Accredited bodies

As an inventory company Homespec are proud to be members of both accredited bodies who regulate the property inventory industry, which assures our quality of work is to its highest standard.